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    4. Refractory special non-standard equipment

      FM AM hydraulic excitation

      Mostly domestic products of powder products and special thick molding cast molding method. Slowproduction rate of this method, the high cost, waste, amounting to less than a high-density requirements.Serious spallation products, mechanical molding, molding the greatest difficulties, therefore, from thelayer phenomenon is most concerned about the things of the various manufacturers. In response to thissituation, developed on the basis of YZHC (hydraulic excitation together forming machine) TYZHC (FM AMhydraulic excitation together forming machine). Such press forming principle is: the high-frequencyvibration in the mold material gas to be able to fully discharge. After the particles arranged in dense,high power, high quality vibrating force, high-frequency collision causes the material to get the fullcombination of products not only forming a layer pattern, and density while improving 0.1-0.5. In supportof more than 10 manufacturers, forming principle has been fully proved in practice. Series of presses is applicable not only in forming high-grade refractories for special-shaped mechanical molding effect of thespecific products better, the bulk material of the large specific products molding show the superior performance, high efficiency, yield 100%. (Note: Hubei, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places specializing inmullite produced by manufacturers, the earliest silicon carbide manufacturer Liaoning Huludao Zinc Planttray forming presses are used for this series of presses)

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