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    4. Refractory special non-standard equipment

      Hydraulic exciting work together forming

      Series YZHC (hydraulic excitation together to machine) is mainly applied to all kinds of bulk materials and refractory products, high-density molding. Forming speeds of up to three times (blocks) / min, and at one time can be compressed blocks, the density up after the firing of the pressed products: silicon carbide2.7g/cm3 (artificial ramming molding density and plywood hammer, 2.4-2.5). corundum 3.3g/cm3 mullite stone2.5g/cm3, oxidized zirconium 5.4g/cm3 more, forming the minimum diameter of 80mm or less, maximum 1000mm ×800mm × 500mm, thickness 60mm to 500mm.

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