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    4. Refractory special non-standard equipment

      Small platform hydraulic shock

      XPYZHC series (small platform hydraulic excitation together molding machine) is the dominant ideologyof the national energy saving and environmental protection for the manufacturers to save energydeveloped. This series of presses for the production of shelf board, such as the production of silicon carbide, mullite, etc. batts.Main features:
      (1) small power, consume less power, vibration force, make products with the hydraulic pressure to achieve high density;
      (2) die wear is small, the use of the press production, the life of the mold than in the life of the same type of equipment multiplied;
      (3) vibration platform with accurate guide to improve the stability of the vibration platform, theproducts, the four corners of the level of error is less than 0.5mm.

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