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    4. Refractory special non-standard equipment

      TYZHC (increase

      Features: This is my factory in YZHC-D3 series based on the combination of the patented technology of ourplants, "FM AM" system, designed and manufactured products for our customers. Cross arrangement can makethe material particles in the molding process, resulting in high density; forming products, materials,combined with full, put an end to the phenomenon of spallation. Large powder products and the molding effect of the special thick products.

      Maximum molding size: 1000mm * 700mm
      Forming Thickness: 8mm ~ 400mm
      Molded the same density: the density of molding products and other models of the plant

      Address: Wangcun industrial park, ZhouCun, ZiBo, ShanDong, China

      Contact: Mr. Wang

      TEL:0533-6681293 FAX:0533-6686783 Cell Phone:13964301778

      Website:www.americanhealthnyc.com www.zbxpjx.com www.renzaoshiyingshi.com

      Email: xiangpeng666@126.com

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