Worldwide Learning Programs

American Health has a number of educational programs to assist physicians, nurses, paramedics, and other medical specialists and clinicians to recognize their potential. Knowledgeable and experienced staff is a large part of a successful formula for healthcare quality and excellence in patient care. However, we also provide the same level of programming for non-medical students seeking higher degrees in engineering, IT and other fields of study. All American Health students learn from the “Best of the Best,” because our education and training programs are designed and delivered by faculty experts from our vast network of university faculty and hospital staff such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Mount Sinai, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Johns Hopkins. Students can participate in American Health programming at home or abroad in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

American Health’s Supplemental Programs

American Health supplements its healthcare education and training programs with additional programming that includes English Language Skill training, and American Health’s own NCLEX Academy which provides intensive coursework review and preparation for NCLEX and CRNE licensure exams. Additionally, American Health’s Study Abroad programs enable both healthcare and non-healthcare professionals to advance their degrees and careers in another country within the American Health worldwide educational partner network.

Recognizing that English language skills are necessary for successful completion of our Study Abroad programs, our medical licensure exam review and preparation programs, as well as employment, American Health can offer, along with other degree or supplemental programming, training and practice in English language skills that can improve IELT scores and maximize ability to seek employment as well as to pass licensing exams. Learn more.
American Health offers an intensive NCLEX preparation within its “NCLEX Academy” program. NCLEX Academy helps nurses learn and prepare for the NCLEX-RN© exam. The NCLEX review was specifically designed for nurses trained outside the United States and combines both topical and systemic review of all subjects seen and terminology used on the NCLEX exam. American Health’s NCLEX Academy delivers a 150-hour curriculum which includes these educational components:
NCLEX Review Textbook
– covers all the NCLEX major topics such as Nursing Fundamentals, Adult Health, Mental Health, Pediatric Health and Women’s Health
Instructional Video Series
– approximately 40 hours of video-taped lectures performed by top ranked US nursing school professors and focuses on intensive review and test-taking strategies
Review Software and Review
– provides comprehensive preparation questions in the latest question formats
3,000 Test Question Bank
– Exposes students to the variety of NCLEX test questions such as alternative choice questions, ranking questions, fill in blanks, and interactive diagram questions
Live and Online Weekly Seminars
– Facilitated by nursing instructors to answer student questions, and provide test-taking strategies

Students can combine both their English Language Training with their participation in American Health’s NCLEX Academy. Learn more.

 American Health is an international medical education company that offers study abroad programs to the following types of students who want to experience a higher level of education in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

  • • Medical professionals such as physicians, nurses, and paramedics
  • • Medical specialists and technicians such as radiologists, specialist nurses and occupational therapists
  • • Non-medical students interested in engineering, IT, and basic and administrative sciences
    • Students will travel to their host country for intense English training for approximately 6-12 months followed by a degree program in an accredited university. Learn more.

Building on the strong relationships it has developed over the years with well-branded universities in the United States, Canada, UK and Australia, all of which have offered exceptional healthcare educational programming, American Health has cultivated new affiliations within these same universities and opened new relationships with other prestigious colleges to expand its services and programs beyond healthcare. Now, more students with interests outside of healthcare can leverage American Health’s affiliations with a wider range of programs, such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s in IT, engineering, legal and accounting to name a few.

American Health is committed to offering the same ongoing support throughout the program for visiting students, assisting with immigration and entry into the US, Canada, Australia and the UK, a broker to secure room and board and acclimating to the host country’s culture. Learn more.

American Health provides recruitment and staffing for hospitals, placing nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals. We offer professionals who are interested in a short term assignment, as well as those who available for a longer term commitment. These staffing opportunities will bring American and other Western trained nurses to work for periods as allowed by immigration laws and fill open positions at clinics, hospitals, and health care facilities. Our professionals are all licensed in the United States. Our recruits are differentiated by the highest quality of education, leadership abilities, and field experience. Learn more.

Why Choose American Health

  • Broad range of programs for medical and non-medical professionals and students
  • Our educational partner network provides only the “Best of the Best” faculty experts
  • Custom designed education and training for healthcare individuals and hospitals
  • Programs offered at home and abroad in US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand
  • Strong supplemental programming supports learning English, licensure exam prep, and employment

What Clients Say

“The instructors from Harvard really understood all the challenges we had that prevented us from achieving best practices in the ER.”
“The Physician Leadership program taught me how to delegate responsibilities and still be an effective manager and doctor. I can see that my associates are more productive and much happier with my new style of management.”
“American Health’s NCLEX Academy opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and it helped me develop my own critical thinking skills.”
“Traveling to the US and working alongside caring nurse experts made my travel to a new and different country all worth it! I have recommended an American Health program to 2 of my nursing peers!”
“Working alongside experienced hospital COO’s was very enlightening for me and my team. We all learned a lot and began to see things differently.”